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I'm a Portuguese artist, and I'm delighted to invite you to immerse yourself in my world. 

Having exhibited my work across the globe in Galleries, Art Centers, Museums and Art Fairs in Portugal, France, Spain, South Africa, The Netherlands, England and Japan,

I wholeheartedly welcome you to accompany me on my artistic journey.

i breathe all forms of art

In addition to being a visual artist, I am a singer-songwriter, having achieved 12 platinum awards with the various albums I have released. I am also an actress, involved in various projects both on and off television, including theater, soap operas, and cinema. I have illustrated dozens of books for Portugal, Angola, and Brazil. I have directed performances and embarked on various artistic journeys throughout my life. I have been traveling through the different artistic facets that give me the oxygen I need to breathe since I was born.

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I'm a storyteller. I paint real and imagined stories that relate in a time and space where I have not yet grown up.



I'm thrilled to invite you into my world through this documentary. The heart of this exploration centers around my evocative "In Your Skin" series, offering you an intimate perspective on these works.

The "In Your Skin" series delves deep into questions of identity, emotion, and personal transformation. In this documentary, I'll unravel the stories and inspirations behind these pieces, allowing you to witness the creative process that breathes life into each canvas.

I'll also take you back to my childhood, sharing the early experiences and moments that ignited my passion for art. These formative years have left an indelible mark on my work, and you'll get to see how they continue to shape my artistic perspective.

Additionally, I'll take you on a musical journey, shedding light on my music career and the intersection of music and visual art in my life.

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I believe in pure emotions and I paint a world where I would like to live forever. A place where life is celebrated and where the notion of temporality does not exist.

in the silence of art

As a painter, I frequently find myself in my art studio, working alone. While solitude can be challenging, it's also a space where my creativity flourishes. Despite occasional moments of discomfort, there's a unique joy in the freedom to explore my artistic expressions without distractions.

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