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Creative Oasis: A Glimpse into My Art Studio

In my art studio, I find my creative refuge. I enjoy dedicating time to working alone, allowing myself to fully immerse in my projects. Despite occasionally feeling some loneliness, it's that tranquility that provides me with a conducive environment for productivity, from conception to execution.

Beyond painting, I engage in various hands-on activities such as crafting rings, sewing projects, furniture transformations, and more. The studio extends beyond the realm of visual arts; upstairs, I have a music studio where I can explore melodies and express myself in a different way. It's where songs are born for use in my albums.

The space is enriched by my garden, where I've planted a variety of palms and coconut trees, succulents, cacti, giant bird-of-paradise plants, and banana trees, among others, creating a tropical atmosphere that reflects my passion for lush nature. The serene location of the studio is crucial for me, providing the necessary silence to concentrate and create, making it truly special.

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Check out my new video giving you a tour of my art studio! 🎨

Get a sneak peek into where the creative magic happens.

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